TEX lives in Arkansas
Sassy owned by the Vernon Thompson
is Panda Bear's Sister!
DIVA owned by Debbie & Kevin
British Columbia, Canada
LACEY owned by Carrie Phillips
CHARLIE owned by Megan Moneypenny
Jake lives in Pennsylvania
BEBE owned by the Phil Luera Family
Chloe owned by Charlene & Paul Larson
In Memory of Charlene & Paul's
Panda lives in Encino Park
with Paul and Charlene
Bennie owned by Jim & Anne
Piper lives in Austin on the UT campus.
Watch      all 3.5 lbs. of her running out at
halftime! :)  
Major & M'Koi  
Samantha, Julietta, and Macy
BeBe lives in El Paso with the Luceras
Fizzy lives in Arkansas
Diva and Brothers
Abby and Annabelle
Ruthie and Pups
Brenda & Picasso Live in Houston
Jamie & Ro's "Kash"
Jennifer & her Salt & Pepper Girl
University of Texas
The Mitchell's & Puffin
Wes lives in Dallas, Texas
Debbie and her Teacup
Sophie lives w/ Mike & Joy in San Antonio
Sophie, Regan, & Dylan
Caddy now lives with
Abigail in San Antonio
Michael and Mitzie
Live in Georgetown, TX
Cierra and Roxy
Live in N. Carolina
Jennifer and Cleo
live in San Antonio, TX
Lola and Family
Nugget lives in
Friendswood, TX
Cleo & Hollis live in
San Antonio, TX
Bentley, Supercoated
Salt & Pepper Parti
Black & White Parti
Sharonda &
Farrah lives in Poth, Tx
with Beda and Family
Devin and BJ
Spring Branch, TX
Mayerlyn & Toy
Brian and Nikki
Spring Branch, Tx
April, David & Kaelie
Plano, Texas
Sylvia with a grown-up
LOLA & all that HAIR!
Gabriel & Rocky
Bijou lives with
Amelia & Koda!
Cupid lives in Fayetteville
with Michelle & Family
Lucas and Diesel
call home Alamo Heights!
Gunner and his new
Puppy, Farrah!
Higgins lives in
North Carolina
Lola lives in
Lubboch, Tx
Vella lives in  
Cricket & Dakota
Live In Washington State
with Dru!
Brandi lives with
The Hayes in
San Antonio Texas
Trent and Izzy
Live in La Port!
The four photos above are all of Madison & Duncan's puppy, "Maus",
who is a Black & Silver male, and who will mature to be a Teacup or Small Toy!  
Maus lives in San Antonio, and has his own photobucket webpage where you can go to
see more way cute pictures of him:

This is Max, who now lives in Harper, Texas, with John and Ursula Allen.
The Allens have one of the top Longhorn Cattle Ranches in the country!
Click here to visit their website:  
Max a Liver Parti
San Antonio, Texas
Lisa & Bandit a Dark
Liver & Tan
Miami, Florida
The Vinalls & Vinney
San Angelo, Texas
Marcus and "Ali"
live in Ft. Hood, Texas
Debbie & Jagger
live in San Antonio
The Thompson Sisters & Niles
San Antonio, Texas
The Garcia's & Dixie Lane
Live in Albuquerque, NM
Chelsea & Sophie
Live in Houston, Tx
Nan & June w/ Buttons & Abby
San Diego, California
Danielle lives with Debbie
In Austin, Texas
Mitzie, Bitzie, and Michael
live in Georgetown
Mitzie lives w/ the McDonalds  
In Georgetown, Texas
Randilyn and Bella
live in Louisianna
Meet Franklin!  Who now lives with the Bousemans!
in San Antonio, Texas
Min Jee lives with Alisa
in Killeen, Texas  
Mocha (who is a very dark liver) lives with Cyndy, Randy,
& Cynnamon in San Antonio, Texas
Meet MAC, a Salt & Pepper Parti Teacup!
Mac lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his new parents, Matthew & Shera!
Meet Neo, a very dark Liver/Tan!
Neo lives in California with Johnny!
Quinn and Meer attending the
same puppy class in San Antonio
Quinn is a Black & White Parti
Meer is a Dark Liver Tan
Sasha and Pancho (Two Texas T Schnauzers) live with the William's
In Dallas, Texas
Basil lives with
Rose and Edith!
"Izzy" (Dark Liver Toy)
Lives with the Garrisons
in Boerne, Texas
"Dulcie" (Toy Black & Silver)
Now lives with Emma & Ella
in Sequin, Texas
JJ (Dark Liver Parti)
Lives with the Reich's
in Spring Branch, Texas
Lives with Julia
in San Antonio, Texas
Buttons and Abby
Live with Nan & June
San Diego, California
Lives with Roni & Kae
in Dallas, Texas
Izzy lives in Houston
with the Rawls Family
Cupcake & Violet
just Chill'in in the car!
"Dulcie" lives with the
Wolters Family
"Brady" & Jess
Adams, Massachusetts
Lives with Presley
in Spring,Texas
"Maxwell" lives with
Pat in Arlington, Tx
"Brownie" a Dark Liver Tan
lives with the Williams Family
"Torrey" ~ Buffingtons
in Arlington, Texas!
"Prince" Lives with Renee
in Forney, Texas!
Adri & Princess
Corpus Christi, Texas
"Izzy" is a Baylor Bear
(a Dark Liver/Chocolate)
who lives in Waco, Texas!
(Small Toy Solid Black)
Lives with Allison
And his Bully Stick
Cricket and Dakota
Live in Washington with Dru!
Midori all decked out for
Halloween in California!
Sabrina, Paul, & "Max"
live in San Antonio, TX
Bonnie lives with the
Nguyen's in California!
Scotty Lives with the Pitts Famiy in Midland, Texas!
Click here to watch a cute video of him
in his new winter snow clothes!
Lives with the Pantusso's
"Meer" All Dressed up for Halloween!
Lives with the Taylors!
Blue Eyed Schnauzer
Lives with Lilly & Jose in Austin, Tx
Gig'em and Aggie
with the Spitzer family
"Mocha" & "Cynnamon"
with Santa
This Dark Liver Parti Supercoat
Now resides with Jaime Sellers
Tomball, Texas
Hailey and her Puppy
live in Cleveland, Texas
Meet "Oscar"
Who Happily Lives with the Asha's!
in Austin, Texas!
Click here to visit his
very own Facebook page!
Lives with the Moss Family
Katy, Texas
The Dixon Girls &
"Rylee" Live in
San Antonio, Texas
Lives with the Saville Family
New Braunfels, Texas
Bella & Her Teacup "Thor"
Live in San Antonio,Tx
(We're proud to report he is very
gentle with Bella!
Niles, a Supercoated Liver, lives with
his buddy, Ernie, & Matt Wigglesworth
in Austin, Texas
"Cooper"  a Liver/Tan
Lives with Bruce & Dot Foster
in Illinois!
Lives with the Jordans!
"Joey" Rudolph's Backup
Lives with Lilly & Pepe!
"Quinn" aka Johnny Football!
Jamie & Scarlet visit Santa
Word has it Santa wanted to
keep the Puppy!
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to Puppy Page
Also Lives with the McDonalds!
Mati is a Teacup! A Past
Barbara Ann & Diesel Puppy!
Lives with the McDonalds
Mitiz is a Mega Coated
Barbara Ann & Boss Puppy
"Hitchcock" lives with
Dylan in Austin, Texas
a Dark Liver Parti
lives with the Lehmanns
in Cleveland, Texas
Theodore Roosevelt Foster
is a Dark Liver Tan
who lives with
Ashley in Austin!
"Franklin" is ONE year old!
He now lives with Elizabeth in
Plano, Texas
Meet "Sherlock"
a Phantom Black & Silver
who lives with
The Peralta's in
San Marcos, California!
lives with the
Puppala's in
San Antonio, Texas
and they say she is the best dog EVER!
Meet "Sadie Rose"
a Very Dark Chocolate
who lives with Nick and LeAnna
in Alice, Texas
Caroline & "Milo"
The Larson Household in Dallas, Tx
This is an interesting progression of photos to me of two past Abby & Diesel pups, because the smaller little girl on
the right in the first photo was very dark faced at 8 weeks!  As you can see from the last photo, she is now a Phantom!
Abby, a small toy, & Buttons a small miniature are from the same Abby/Diesel litter and are loved by Nan & June in
San Diego, California
Meet "Remi"
a supercoated past Bolt puppy
who lives with the Walkers in
Fredericksburg, Texas
Meet "Griffin"
who lives with Chelsea & Steve
in San Antonio, Texas
Violet & Cupcake
& their Schnauzer Family
Meet "Cooper" Foster
Top Dog in the Foster
Meet "Buddy" Thies
who lives with Karen & Kelly
Supercoated S&P Parti
now lives in Minnesota
with the Ziegler Family!
Meet "Noyl" Lyon
A 'Lil Teacup in the Lyon Household!
Frisco, Texas
Meet "Torrey" Buffington
Happily Living in
Arlington, Texas
Milo meets the newest
Larson Addition
Happily Living in
Rochester, Minnesota!
Pippa & Brothers
will be featured in a magazine!
These three pictures show how quickly Bella and Speckles became best friends after only one week.  Bella, is the Black &
silver 8 week old Abby/Diesel puppy, who left Texas T's to live with the Arnold's & Speckles in Georgetown.  
Click here to watch a cute video of the first time they met!
All decked out for the Boston Winter
Warm & Happy with the Duttons!
Rules the Larios Household!
Cibalo, Texas
"Izzy"  All grown up!
& still living with the Rawls Family
Houston, Texas
The Lumpkins
Bridge City, Texas
Happily resides with Braylea & Family
Odessa, Texas
Lady B (Dark Liver Parti)
Lives with Lindsey & Nicky
Austin, Texas
Meet "Piper"
A Dark Liver Parti Small Toy
who loves living in Katy, Texas
Bruce's wife claims she will hear
him say, "C'mon Sweetheart" She'll
turn around, & he's talking to Cooper!
Nyles & Ernie
Think Austin,Texas, is
God's Country!
Diva & Cowboy gaurding
the Debbie's home in
Canyon Lake, Texas!
Jackson (Past Puffin/Roscoe Pup)
Lives with the Zieglers in
Rochester, Minnesota!
Meet Cocoa (a Jamaica & Roscoe puppy) who is just one more great example of  a
gorgeous Chocolate (Liver), who is so happy to live with Jesse, Jodie, and Bella in
El Paso, Texas!
Cupcake is now 1 year
old, & lives with Julia in
San Antonio, Texas  
McKenzie and Marty
(Supercoated Salt & Pepper)
Live in Pearland, Texas
Meet Mojo (a Fendi/Gianni puppy)  
another gorgeous Very Dark
Chocolate (Liver), who's living a
happy life with the Copeland family
in San Antonio, Tx
This is "Blue", a GaGa/Bolt puppy who is a dark Chocolate
Parti with beautiful ticking!  He has found a wonderful home
with the Coke family in College Station, Texas!  
This is "Ranger", a GaGa/Bolt puppy who is a White
Chocolate Parti green eyes!  He has found a wonderful
home with the Reynolds family in Lubbock,Texas!  
This Supercoated Black & White Parti, "Lola" is a Puffin
Bolt puppy, and is now living with the Alleman family in
Austin, Texas
"Marshall" Dillon a Dark Liver Tan will live
with the Dillon family & "Marty".  
Black & White Parti
This adorable Liver Parti Female lives in New York
with Michelle and Robert! And that adorable child is my
Grandson, Grant!
Kyle & Nicole with
2 Supercoated
White Chocolates
Marty, a Salt & Pepper
Lives in Midland, Texas
Marley a supercoated Liver/Tan
lives in Arizona with the Oakes.
Ranger, white supercoated White
Chocolate lives in Lubboch, Texas
Madison and Moo!
Karen and Heidi live in
Fort Myers, Florida
Zachary & Emily with
Beau (Liver Parti) & George
"Watson" Sharp
Midland, Texas
The Jacks Children with their
San Antonio, Texas
The  Coronas
with "Zeke"
Alvin, Texas
The  Coronas
with "Zeke"
Alvin, Texas
Meet Tucker! He is one of Thor's first pups, and lives with the Shorts in San Antonio!
Ruthie is a Gaga puppy who
lives happily in California with
the Loyds!
Kinzer & Charlie!
Buttons and Abby are TWO!
Still Romping around California
with June and Nan!
Uggy & Princess are the talk of
New York, according to
Michelle and Robert!
Max with Morgan
Liver and Tan
Brady and Ace
Austin, Texas
Bandit enjoys the good life
with the Viveros in Florida!
Zeke Corona!  
Alvin, Texas
Renee's "Prince"
Forney, Texas
Max Dockstader
Miami Beach, Florida
Round Rock, Texas
Skye Rinn!
Pearland, Texas
Scout O'Neill & Family
San Antonio, Texas
Czerniowski Girls with Remi &
his 1st Christmas in New York!
Gus (Dark Liver Parti)
at home in Hondo, Texas
Ace graduates from
Obedience School!
Meer with Santa!
Chanel lives with the Hargraves in
Texarcana, Texas
In Memory of "Finoa"
Liver Pepper Max Puppy who
brought a lot of joy to Pamee!
Echo Happily living in
Round Rock, Texas
The Clevelands w/ Gus!
Meet Axle, a Gus Puppy, who looks a lot like his grandfather, Bolt!
Enzo Happily living in
Corpus Christi, Texas
Duncan lives in
San Antonio!
Gus and Bailey
Dallas, Texas
Alli and Samson
San Antonio, Texas