We take newborn photos, and then
updated photos at 5 weeks.  At 6 weeks,
we make a video of the litter prior to
pricing.  We price our litters at 6 weeks,
& send out an email to the request list
who have first priority on our pups.  If
no one puts down a deposit on a pup off
of the request list, we then post pricing
to the website and Facebook.   If more
than one person wants to put a deposit
down on the same pup, the only fair way
is to go with the person who has been
waiting on the request list the longest.
In other words, the person who initially
contacted us first asking to be on our
request list.  
*All of our pups are sold as "
Pet Only".  
More Videos & Information

Email Us
to be added to our
"Request List"
for our upcoming litters
from December - March.
We're expecting
all colors!
Let us know the:
Gender  ~ Size ~ &  Colors
you prefer.
Our Upcomging Litters
Examples of the colors  
expected in our Spring litters
      Click on the stork above to see photo examples of  some of our past pups.  
We're expecting more of the same in all the same colors. Please use the
beneath the photos when giving me your color/colors preference.  
1.  Remy & Thor:    Due 12/10 ~  Solid Chocolates, Liver & Tans, Liver Parti, possibly
                                     White Chocolates and Liver Peppers
 Katie & Armini:  Due 12/11 ~ Black & Liver Parti, Possibly White or White Chocolates

3.  Reese & Thor:   
  Due 12/15  ~ Solid Chocolates, Liver and Tans, Liver Parti

4.  Panda &
Jeter:     Due 12/20 ~ Black & Liver Parti, Liver & Tans, Black & Silvers

5.  Bailey & D
iesel:   Due 12/26 ~Whites, Black & Silvers, Liver & Tans (long shot)  

Katy ~14 lbs
Black & White Parti
Due Date ~ 12/10/2018
Go Home Date ~ 2/8/2018
Texas T's Diesel Black Label
Armini ~ 4.5 lbs
Black & White Parti
Expecting:  Black & Liver Parti
     Possibly White Chocolates
Upcoming Winter/Spring Litters & Possible Colors
If pregnant, pups will go to new homes:
February - March
We do have pups right now going to new homes in December, but our
request list is so long that mostly likely they've all found new homes. If you
are interested in being on our request list, we do have more litters coming