Our Dad's are on the right!
Our Mom's are on the left!

We post new photos at 3 1/2 weeks,
price the litter at 4 weeks,  & then
send out a pricing  email to those on
our request list.  If no one puts down
a deposit on a pup off of the request
list, we then post pricing to the
Internet.  When you see pricing
below a pup's photo, then that pup is
available.  "Sale Pending" indicates
we have accepted a deposit on that
puppy.   We will make a video of the
litter at 6 weeks.  All of our of our
pups are sold as "
Pet Only".  On rare
occasions we
give full AKC breeding
rights for an additonal fee, but NOT
on our teacup & small toy females!
Video & Information
Current & UpComing Litters

We have newborn litters!  We also  
have litters planned for February!
Click on
"View Litter" to see our
current new litters.  

Email Us to be added to our
 "Request List" for future
litters! Let us know the
gender, size, & colors
you prefer.
Texas T's Lightning Bolt
"Bolt"  ~ 10 lbs
Liver Parti
Texas T's I Love Lucy
Lucy ~ 9 lbs
Black & Silver
Texas T's O'Reilly Factor
Reilly ~ 6 lbs
Black & Silver
Texas T's Thor - Son of a Bolt
Thor ~ 4.8 lbs
Solid Liver
Texas T's Bailey's Chocolate & Cream
Bailey ~ 12.5 lbs
Liver Tan
Texas T's Gladiator-
Maximus Decimus Merdius
Max ~ 5.5 lbs ~ Salt & Pepper
Texas T's Abby Gal
~ 12  lbs
Black & Silver
Texas T's Gianni Versace's Chocolatier
ianni ~ 13 lbs
Solid Liver
Texas T's Mite be a Flashback
lash ~ 7.5 lbs
Liver & Tan
Texas T's Dixie Chic
ixie ~ 6.5 lbs
alt & Pepper