We take newborn photos, and then
update photos at 3 and 5 weeks.  At 6
weeks, we make a video of the litter
prior to pricing.  Once we price our litter
at 6 weeks, we will send out an email to
our request list who have first priority
on our pups.  If no one puts down a
deposit on a pup off of the request list,
we then post pricing to the website, and
it is then first come first serve.  
When you see pricing below a pup's
photo, that pup is still available.  "Sale
Pending" indicates we have already
accepted a deposit, and that pup is most
likely adopted.  

All of our pups are sold as "
Pet Only".  
More Videos & Information

Email Us
to be added to our
"Request List"
for our upcoming litters
from June thru August.
We're expecting
all colors!
Let us know the:
Gender  ~ Size ~ &  Colors
you prefer.
Just One Example of our Upcomging Litters
Examples of the colors  
expected in our Fall litters
Texas T's Givenchy's White Chocolate
White Chocolate
            Chey ~ 5 lb
Texas T's Bolt's Girl Scout
Heavily Ticked Liver Parti
Scout ~ Large Toy
We are currently breeding more females, and
have several litters e
xpected to be born June
through August
 Those litters will be ready to
go to new homes from August thru October.   
Click on the stork above to see photos of  
some of our past pups, as we are expecting
more of the same in all the same colors.
Please use the
proper names beneath the
photos when giving me your color/colors
Scout is Due: 7/01/2018
Expecting Liver Parti,
Ticked & non-Ticked, &
White Chocolates.
Chey's  Past Pups!
This will be Scout's first litter ever, but we're expecting
more pups like these in addition to some "ticked" Liver Parti.