We take newborn photos, and then
updated photos at 5 weeks.  At 6 weeks,
we make a video of the litter prior to
pricing.  We price our litters at 6 weeks,
& send out an email to the request list
who have first priority on our pups.  If
no one puts down a deposit on a pup off
of the request list, we then post pricing
to the website and Facebook.   If more
than one person wants to put a deposit
down on the same pup, the only fair way
is to go with the person who has been
waiting on the request list the longest.
In other words, the person who initially
contacted us first asking to be on our
request list.  
*All of our pups are sold as "
Pet Only".  
More Videos & Information

We're very sorry, but we are no longer
taking any new requests for a while.    
Our lists are just too long, & our      
 waitlist time is at least 6+ months     
     for  larger sizes, and 1+ year for     
  the teacup and small toy sizes.  
Our Future & Current Litters
Examples of the colors  
expected in our Fall litters
Current Litters Below
Pups will go to new homes:
March 13t
h &  April 16th
Below are samples of some of our puppy videos.  We
have 200+ videos on YouTube.  Click on this link to
view the videos of the colors and size of your choice:  
                            YouTube Video Link
Texas T's Cowgirl's Sure Shot
nnie Oakley "Oakley"
iver Tan Parti ~ 6.5 lbs
Texas T's White Chocolate Givenchy
hite Chocolate
hey" ~ 5 pounds
   Click on the stork above to see photo examples of  some of
our past pups.  We're expecting more of the same in all the
same colors. Please use the
proper names beneath the photos
when giving me your color/colors preference.  
Future Litters Below
March 6th - April 11t
4.5 lbs
Texas T's Fully
Loaded Ruger~"Ruger"
8.5 lb
7.5 lbs
Below is a list of breeders that I trust, and who I purchase pups from for our
breeding stock.  They are all still taking requests.  

Lucky Charmed Schnauzers ~ Tracie Petersen owns our female, Darla, and I    
 purchased her male, Bear.  Our Phantom Black and Silver, Ida Claire, was
 produced by Darla and Teddy.  
One Small Schnauzer ~ Shanal Anderson Reputable breeder of all sizes.  
Gr8 Lake Schnauzers  ~ Mary Lake, owns two of my dogs, Ryder and Hayley
female, Hazel, came from a union between Ryder and Hayley.
Born: February 22, 2021
5 Black Partis (4 Females & 1 Male)
Click Here!
Due Date: March 6-11th
White, White Chocolate, Black & Liver Parti
Due Date: March 9-11th
Phantom Black & Silvers, and Liver & Tans
Born: January 10, 2021
Liver Parti Male, Liver Tan Male & 2 Liver
Click Here!
Due Date: April 11th
Liver Parti, Liver, & Phantom Liver & Tans
Due Date: March 23-30th
Solid Livers, Solid Blacks, Liver & Tans and
Black and Silvers, maybe Partis
Due Date: March 23-25th
Solid Livers & Solid Blacks
Due Date: March 9-11th
Phantom Black & Silvers and Liver & Tans