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Our Mom's are on the left!
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Now Breeding
Abby & Ella!

From now on, we will be posting
photos and pricing of our new litters
when they are 4 weeks old.  We will
make a video of the litter at 6 weeks,
and update the photos.

All of our of our pups are sold as
Pet Only". We  selectively give full
AKC breeding rights for an additional
fee, but NOT on our teacup and
small toy females!
Future Litters
Current & UpComing Litters

We have several new litters
being born in September!
We're expecting Teacup,  
Toy, & Miniatures in
a rainbow of colors
Texas T's Johnson's Duncan
Phantom Black & Silver
10 lbs
Texas T's Chantilly Lace
" Lacey" White Chocolate  Parti
7.5  lbs
Texas T's Gladiator
Maximus Decimus Merdius
" Max"  Salt & Pepper
5.5  lbs
Texas T's Bailey's Chocolate & Cream
" Bailey"  Liver & Tan
12 lbs
Texas T's Georgio Armini's
Black Tuxedo
" Armini"  Black & White Parti
4.4  lbs
Texas T's The O'Reilly Factor
Reilly ~ Phantom Black & Silver
6 lbs
Texas T's Lightening Bolt
Bolt ~ Liver Parti
10 lbs
Texas T's Puffin de la Couture
Puffin ~ Salt & Pepper Parti
7.5  lbs
Texas T's Johnson's Duncan
Duncan ~ Phantom Black & Silver
10 lbs
Texas T's Whoopsi Daisy
Daisy ~ Phantom Black  &  Silver
12 lbs
Texas T's Duncan
uncan~ Phantom Black  &  Silver
10 lbs
Texas T's Jamaica Me Crazy
amaica ~ Liver & Tan
12 lbs