Once we price our litter at 6 weeks, we
will send out an email to our request list
who have first priority on our pups.  If
no one puts down a deposit on a pup off
of the request list, we then post pricing,
to the website, and it is then first come
first serve.  When you see pricing below
a pup's photo, that pup is still available.  
"Sale Pending" indicates we have already
accepted a deposit, and that pup is most
likely adopted.  We update photos at 4 &
7 weeks, and make a video of each litter.

All of our pups are sold as "
Pet Only".  

On rare occasions we give full
breeding rights for an additional fee, but
NOT on  teacup & small toy females!
Video & Information

Email Us
to be added to our
"Request List"
for our January  litter which should
be Black & Silver/Black Parti pups

Let us know the:
gender, size, & colors
you prefer.
Texas T's Elle MacFearsome
"Ella" - 9.0 lbs
Black & Silver Saddleback Parti
Texas T's Georgio Armini's Black Tuxedo
Armini "Our Mini" - 4.4 lbs
Black Saddlebacked Heavily Ticked Parti
Ella & Armini's August Litter
These pups are sold