Our Dad's are on the right!
Our Mom's are on the left!
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We are currently breeding  females to
Bolt!  If pregnant, they will be due
in May, and the pups will go home in
July. As we know that they are
pregnant, we will post them to
the website with their due dates,
photos,  and video of their past pups
so you will know the possible size
and colors of the new litters!   

All of our of our pups are sold as
"Pet Only".   If you want to breed
then please contact us as we do
selectively give full AKC breeding
rights for an additional fee.
Texas T's Johnson's Duncan
"Duncan" ~ Black & Silver Male
11 lbs
Texas T's Lady Godiva
" Gaga" ~Liver Parti Female
13 lbs
Texas T's Maximus Decimus Merdius
" Max" ~ Salt & Pepper Male
5.5 lbs
Texas T's Black Lady Abby Gal
"Abby" ~ Black and Silver Female
13 lbs
Texas T's Roscoe
"Roscoe" ~ Black Male
11 lbs
Texas T's Heather's Cocoa Chanel
"Heather" ~ Liver Parti Female
14 lbs
Texas T's I Love Lucy
"Lucy" ~ Black & Silver Female
9 lbs
Texas T's Thor - Son of a Bolt
"Thor" ~ Liver  Female
4.8 lbs
Future Litters
Current Litters
Texas T's Mite be a Flashback
"Flash" ~ Liver & Tan
5.12 lbs
Texas T's Kate the Ace of Spade
"Katie" ~ Black & White Parti
12.5 lbs
Texas T's Dixie Chic
"Dixie" ~ Salt & Pepper
6.5 lbs
Texas T's Mite be a Flashback
"Flash" ~ Liver & Tan
5.12 lbs
I had knee replacement
surgery April 8th.  
I will be
away from home in rehab from
4/18 - 4/26, & won't have
access to a computer.
Bear with us, as
photos & pricing
may be delayed a
couple of weeks.