All of our miniatures Schnauzers are AKC registered, but we prefer to sell our puppies into Pet homes.  All of our pups are sold as
"Pet Only" with no AKC papers.   So that you will know you are purchasing a purebred Schnauzer, we do provide a book when you
come to pick up your puppy that among many other things has photos of the parents and copies of their AKC registration papers.  
We do not offer breeding rights on any of our pups.   

Our prices do vary with size (teacup, toy, or miniature), color & markings, hair/coat quality, conformation and stature.   Our puppies
are individually priced based off of the quality of the pup.  We do not charge more for either gender.  We have the standard colors of
Black, Salt & Pepper, and Black & Silver as well as the "Lost Colors":  White, Wheaton,
Parti colors, and Chocolates or Liver which
includes (White Chocolate, Liver Tan, Solid Liver, Liver Parti, and Liver Pepper).  Any color we produce can be a parti color.  The
supercoated are more than an average coated schnauzer, and we almost never get the coarse/terrier coats.  Heavily ticked parti
pups are also more in price.  Pricing on our miniature size pups typically range from $1000- $2500, and this applies to pups in all
colors that will mature to 12-20 pounds as an adult.  Our Toy sizes are in the $1400 to $2800 price range, and that is for pups who will
mature to a final adult weight in the 6-11 pound range.  We do differentiate between small toys 6-8 lbs, and large toys 9-11 lbs. The
teacups 6 lbs or less start at $2800, but can go higher based on color and hair/coat quality. Occasionally I will have a puppy that is in
the $1,000 range based on average hair and markings. The majority of our pups do not have average hair. The teacups and small toys
are more expensive because they are more difficult to raise, and do require a lot more time.  Teacups are more rare, but we do
consistently get the toy and miniature sizes.  The average price of our pups is $2000.  
  Request Lists
We do work exclusively off of request lists, and while we don't consider a puppy "adopted" until we accept a deposit, we do have a
list of people who are interested in our litters and waiting on us to determine size and pricing.  If you are interested in a puppy from
an upcoming litter, you will need to email me at to get on our request list.  I'll need to know the size
(teacup, toy, or miniature), gender, and the color/colors you prefer.   It is free to be on our request list.  From the time someone first
contacts me it does take me 5-6 months to get them a puppy if they are not color specific, and are wanting a large toy to miniature
size.  If you are very color specific or wanting a teacup or small toy, it can take longer.  

We don't take deposits on unborn litters.  In general, once a litter is born we price out our litter at 6 weeks when we can better
guesstimate the final adult size and coat quality. Once we have priced the litter, we then start accepting deposits.  In any one given
litter we can have all three sizes, and normally they are all born about the same size.  We have found that birth weight is never a
good indicator of final adult size, and so we weigh our pups each week on their birth dates.   Typically, teacups will gain 1-2 oz a
week, toys will gain 3-4 oz a week, and miniatures will gain 5-7 oz a week.  After four weeks, we begin to see a pattern of weekly
weight gain, and then we can make more of an educated guess as to what size they will be as adults.  Also after 6 weeks we can
begin to tell more about conformation and what type of hair or coat they will have.  In general, once we send out pricing, we start
accepting a 50% non-refundable non-transferable deposit to hold the puppy of your choice.   We must receive this deposit within 3
business days.   If for any reason you cannot purchase the puppy at 8 weeks you will forfeit your deposit, and you cannot transfer
the deposit to another puppy.  The 50% balance is due at the time of pick-up.   All of my pups are available until I price them out and
start accepting deposits. Once the pricing email goes out, I give everyone 24 hours to respond.

In the event that I have more than one person wanting the same puppy, the only fair way that I know to do it is to go with whoever
has been waiting on my request list the longest.  In other words, whoever INITIALLY contacted me first.  So you will notice that in the
very first email that I send people, I put the date that they first contacted me in the subject line. Let's say, for example, two people
wanted to put down a deposit on the same puppy.  One had first contacted me back in April of 2020 and one had contacted me in
May.  Because the first lady contacted me in April, after 24 hours she would get an email from me saying that she was first in line to
put down a deposit on the puppy she chose.  At that time, I would send her the deposit information.  The other May lady would get an
email that said, "I'm very sorry but there was someone ahead of you for the puppy you wanted".  

So all of my pups are available until I send out pricing and accept a deposit.  Because it is "free" to be on my list, what normally
happens is that a lot of people are on my list, but when I finally send out pricing and ask for a deposit, only 5-10% of the people
actually offer to make a deposit.  

We are required by the State of Texas to collect sales tax which we pay quarterly.  The sales tax is figured into the price of the
puppy.  In other words, we do not add the sales tax to the final price of the puppy.  
                                                                 Puppy Pickup
Pups are picked up at 8 weeks with the exception of teacups and small toys which normally need to stay longer. Occasionally when
prior arrangements are made, we can keep a puppy an additional week.  However, the best bonding and potty training period is 8-10
weeks.  All of our pups have had their tails docked, and dew claws removed.  We do not crop ears, and here is a link which explains
why we prefer to leave
ear cropping up to you:  Our pups will be eating solid food
by the time they leave to go to their new homes.  They will have been wormed regularly, and they will also have received their first
Puppy Vaccine (Distemper/Parvo) prior to leaving.  

When your pup is picked up, you will receive a puppy book which will contain:
1. General puppy instructions
2. A computerized printout for your vet that has all of the medical treatment (wormings and vaccinations) the pup has received while
in our care, and the dates of the  future vaccinations that are needed
3.  Photos and proof of AKC registration of the parents.
4.  Articles on puppy proofing your home, general puppy care, house training, etc.  

You will also receive a large bag of puppy food (either Eagle Pack or Fromm), both of which use USDA inspected protein sources
that are fit for human consumption  Both also have the appropriate fat content for schnauzers.  You will also receive a tube of  
Fortical/Nutrical, and a towel that has been in with the litter.  With regards to the 8 week pick up, most states including Texas have
laws which prevent a breeder from selling a puppy before they are 8 weeks old.  Unfortunately, these laws are very hard to enforce.  
Most puppies are physically ready to leave at 6 weeks, however sound scientific research has proven that it is critical for the puppy
psychologically to remain with their litter mates from week 7 to week 8.  We will not make any exceptions to this 8 week rule.  
We do not ship puppies.  Because we only live 5 minutes from the airport, we are more than happy to pick you up when you arrive
and either bring you to our home, or to take the pup to the airport when you arrive. Then you can do a quick turn around flight back to
your home/state.  Most airlines charge $95-$125 to bring a pup with you "in cabin", and no longer require a health certificate if you
are traveling within the continental United States.   Southwest and American airlines will allow 8 week old pups in the cabin.  Delta
requires the pups be 10 weeks old, and United requires pups be 16 weeks old and have had their Rabies Vaccine.  At 16 weeks our
pups are getting their 3rd Distemper/Parvo vaccine and must wait until 5 months before they can get a Rabies Vaccine.  We are not
set up to keep pups 5 months, so flying United or any other airline requiring a Rabies shot is not an option for one of our pups.  
                                                             Purchasing Two Pups
From time to time people want to purchase two pups at the same time.  We very rarely will sell two pups into the same home, and
here is a link to the reason why it is not a good idea to purchase two at the same time:

                                                                                                     Puppy Visits
We are located in north central San Antonio about a mile north of the San Antonio International Airport.  For the past 15 years, we
have encouraged people to visit our facilities. However, for the health and safety of our puppies, we no longer allow visitors to our
pups until they have received their first booster shots at the time of pick-up (8 weeks).  Puppies are much like newborn babies and
rely on the immunity of their mothers and safety of our home to protect them from harmful viruses or diseases which can be brought
in by visitors. We understand this is inconvenient for those wanting to make their pick in person, and we understand if this causes
you to go elsewhere to find a puppy.  We respect your decision.  But the safety of our puppies comes first, and we also owe it to the
other families waiting for our pups to reach the age where they can go home, to keep the puppies as safe as possible.  Unfortunately,
there has been a parvo outbreak in the Corpus area, and people from the Houston area have been selling puppies with parvo off of
Craigslist.  Parvo is very easily transmitted, and on the advice of our vet, sadly, we feel it necessary to no longer allow visitors.

We do provide vet references so you can perform your own background check and have the peace of mind that you are not
purchasing from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. We are regularly inspected by the AKC, and our AKC inspection certificate and
compliance form is readily available for you to view upon request.  On every inspection, we have received  the Prestigious Award of
Inspection, which is only available to breeders who earn a score of 100% !  We are also licensed by the State of Texas, and inspected
by them annually, as well.  We do encourage you to read the many reviews on our Facebook business page that have been written
by people who have been to our home in the past.  I'm sure that any of them would be more than happy to talk to you in more depth
about their experiences if you were to send them a private message.  We do update our Facebook page more often than our
website, and encourage you to "Like" us so that you can receive updated photos, video, and new information.

                                                                                            Health Guarantee
We give a one year health guarantee. Your puppy is guaranteed against infectious disease for a period of (72) hours from the date of
purchase. To the best of our knowledge, this puppy is in good health at the time of sale and has had his/her first vaccination for Parvo
and Distemper at 8 or 9 weeks of age, as recommended by
Jean Dodd's 2014 Vaccine Protocol.

I do not guarantee any puppy that has been given the Leptospirosis or Cornoa Virus Vaccine.  Texas is not a high risk area for
Leptovirus even though there has been a rise in Leptovirus in the last few years.  The leading authority on Leptovirus is Dr. Ron
Schultz, who lies in a high risk area for Leptovirus, and does NOT recommend the virus.  Leptovirus is a bacterin vaccine that must
be administered every year.   Corona Virus only occurs in pups 8 weeks or younger.  Both of these vaccines have the highest rate of
adverse reactions especially in small dogs.  Vaccinations must be no less than four weeks apart for a series of three with a one year
booster.  Rabies vaccines cannot be administered before 16 weeks of age, and the vaccine protocol suggests 24 weeks.  
Unfortunately many counties require vaccines be given at 16 weeks which will coincide with their third distemper/parvo vaccination.  
We do not guarantee any puppy who receives a third vaccination and a rabies shot at the same time.  All vaccinations should be
given separately and at least 4 weeks apart.  If you allow your veterinarian to do any of these vaccinations too early or in
combination with each other, your guarantee is void.  

The health guarantee is void if the puppy is not checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours (3 business days) of purchase.  It
is understood that there is no extended warranty beyond 72 hours if the puppy is not checked by a veterinarian within the given 3
business day time period.  If your vet should find any health problems at the first visit, the customer may exchange the puppy for
one of equal value or get a full refund, providing a veterinary certificate is offered as evidence of the puppy's condition.  The
extended guarantee is only against life-threatening genetic defects derived from disorders of the heart, liver or kidneys, and is valid
for one (1) year from the puppy's date of birth.  The health guarantee is also void if a female is bred before one year of age.  

No guarantee is given for coccidiosis or giardia. These parasites are all too common to puppies and can be contracted from your soil
or boarding facilities. Retained testicles, bad bites, and hernias, are also excluded from this guarantee.  No guarantee is given for
hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Hypoglycemia is not hereditary and is very preventable.  Also, no guarantee is given for size or
color.  We try very hard to guesstimate final adult size, but some pups may stay smaller or get larger than what we predict.   Colors
can also change and get lighter, which is equally as hard to predict.

Our health guarantee is also null and void if you give your puppy and type of ORAL flea medication.  Examples are: Trifexis,
Comfortis, Sentinel, Bravecto, Capstar, Nexgaurd, Simparica, and the Seresto collar.  We also do not suggest you use topical
heartworm flea combinations such as Revolution or Multi Advantage, as our vet has personally seen break through on heartworms
with these two products.   Our recommendations are Heartgaurd Plus or the generic for heartworms, and Advantage II for fleas.  

We do dock tails and remove dew claws at 3-5 days.  Sometimes a dew claw will grow back and so we don't guarantee dew claw

We are NOT (under any circumstances) responsible for any veterinary expenses you may incur.  

Our health guarantee is included in our
contract, which we will sign at the time the puppy is picked up.